• Hand Crafter

    Each pipe is carefully drilled and assembled by hand, creating a custom and unique piece that will last generations.

  • Artistically Inspired

    An aesthetically pleasing and compact piece perfectly fit for the casual toker to the highest of connoisseurs.

  • American Made

    Our products are intelligently designed and lovingly crafted in the heart of Mendocino County, USA.

Dont Forget Your Accessories

A 50-Year Legacy

- Words by Phil Jergenson

In 1968, I had one of those Eureka moments a few months after my first puff of that magic medicine. Gadgets were in; James Bond had them, how about one for us? How about a special pipe designed to do only one thing perfectly: smoke! A pipe designed with the right tools, like a poker! Car keys don’t work for that. How about a permanent screen? While I’m designing this, it needs cleanable tar trap. And just to make it the ultimate pipe, how about adding a storage pod? My mind took off with the ideas, so off I went chasing my pipe dream.

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