Proto Pipe UK

An Introduction to Proto Pipe UK by our founder – James Bedding

Howdy my fellow connoisseurs of the magical plant. I am delighted that you've stopped by my website as you must be here since you are looking for the most historic and well-designed Proto Pipes.

I have been an avid fan of medicinal cannabis since I discovered the true benefit of the plant. After suffering a spinal injury at the age of 15 and coming to grips with my new life in a wheelchair one of the most frustrating issues I struggle with on a daily basis is the spasms throughout my legs and arms. I have found that self-medicating with medicinal cannabis whilst travelling in the United States was very effective in stopping my spasms. One of my favourite options is my trusty Proto Pipe which is so simple to use and offers a fantastic smooth flavoursome bowl every time.

I am here and happy to help with any questions about the Proto Pipe or even if you just want to drop me a message to say hello feel free.😀

Your UK Proto-Pipe Contact,

James 🤘🏼🌿💨