How To Use Your Proto Pipe

How To Use Your Proto Pipe

Once you have purchased and received your Proto Pipe you may be interested in how to use the pipe as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this article I will discuss how to pack, store, clean and smoke your device. Please if you have any tips or tricks let me know in the comments section.

How to Pack my Proto Pipe

Your Proto Pipe should not be packed to tight for best smoking effects.

Proto Pipe Review

Makers of the Proto Pipe. Great pipe. Will last a lifetime. Well made, safe & easy to clean, & a travel stash storage tube. (don't pack a tight bowl, tends to clog, but that's when you use the handy Poker stir tool. No screen needed, just keep it clean & your all good.

How to Clean your Proto Pipe

If you are serious about smoking your Proto Pipe and would like to have a classic quality smoke each time, it would be a good idea to giving it a regular clean. It is a very simple pipe to disassemble and all you need is some rubbing alcohol and q-tips or cotton buds!

Clean the Proto Pipe is a breeze. Make sure you buy only an original pipe as there are alot of knock-offs available on the market. Purchase an original pipe here.

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