Why Choose The Proto Pipe

Why Choose The Proto Pipe

Well we all have our favourite smoking device these days. You may choose to smoke your herb through many of the modern vaporizers available or could choose the old-school method of either a joint, pipe or bong.

Today, with the broadening and relaxing of cannabis across the world we are seeing a huge uptake of demand for the product. Smoking or vaping cannabis is still the most popular choice when it comes to delivering cannabis. This is because they are both efficient and effective delivery mechanisms to use cannabis.


Before the cannabis movement even started gaining support and momentum, already back in the 1968, the Proto Pipe was being born from a dream to reality.

It has gone through many setbacks and developments through the decades and now has relaunched. There are a couple knock-off pipes floating around, but nothing compares to the Original Proto Pipe which is handcrafted in California. It is made from quality brass with the no cost spared for your smoking pleasure.

Often pipes will clog up with the tar and residue buildup through regular smoking. The Proto Pipe was designed to prevent this from happening as frequently as it usually does, and they even include an attached poker to stir your bowl and clean your pipe. The built in in tar trap helps you enjoy a better smoke through your pipe as well as remove most of the tar that jams up your pipe.

Proto Pipe Classic

The Proto Pipe comes into to designs, namely the Classic and Rocket versions. The major difference between the two is that the Proto Pipe Rocket has a much larger bowl, specifically designed for bigger hits.

Proto Pipe Rocket

Both the Proto Pipe Classic and Rocket have a stash compartment where you can safely and securely store your valuable herb. The brass swivel that covers the bowl is used to prevent anything from falling into or out of your pipe, a neat feature for you when you on the move.

The Proto Pipe also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers you from any manufacturing defects.

We now offer both versions of the Proto Pipe right here in the UK, as well as ship worldwide. So please feel to contact us with any questions you may have or browse our shop for the Proto Pipe and its many accessories.

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