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Proto Pipe Classic Tar Trap (2-pack)

Proto Pipe Classic Tar Trap (2-pack)

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Lose your Tar Trap? We've got you covered!

***Tar Traps are custom-fitted to each Proto Pipe Classic body pipe we make.***

**Therefore, we CANNOT guarantee a replacement will have a perfect fit.**

*We do offer them in a pack of two, just to improve your odds of a good fit.*

Please see product description for fixes, and why this can be an issue.

If you find your new Tar Trap is a little too big around, or has a tight or awkward fit,  you can use a file or some sandpaper to carefully shave down the sides until you get a fit that feels good. This can be a delicate process that might take a bit of time and patience.

If your new Tar Trap is slightly small or falls too easily into or out of its hole, that's trickier--but there are a couple of strategies worth trying. A little buildup of resin around the hole can make a smaller Trap stay in place. Or you could take a very hard and slender nail, and very carefully hammer a tiny dent directy into the side of the Trap, creating a welt that can bulge out to help hold it in place. (This requires some clever balance and coordination!) A second dent could be put into the opposite side of the Trap to raise another welt.

Why this can happen...

 Our raw materials sometimes just aren't made within our tolerances--our round extrusion can vary as much as 1/1000" in diameter, which can make a difference that we can't avoid.

 The bits we use to drill tar trap holes in our bowls can vary ever so slightly due to an array of variables including amount of usage (i.e., brand new vs. used, etc.) and manufacturer tolerances.

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